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Bluetooth Voice Control Speakerphone by vSeeBox

Bluetooth Voice Control Speakerphone by vSeeBox

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vSeeBox 5.1 Bluetooth Speakerphone with Mics and USB C, 360°Enhanced Voice Pickup

Are you still running around the country for meetings and business?
There will be noise echoes during the meeting, and the mood will be irritable, affecting work efficiency?
There are too many equipment connection wires, which are cluttered, and there are potential safety hazards?
The meeting is not smooth, staying in other places, affecting the effectiveness of work?

Our wireless speakerphones are dedicated to conveying every word clearly, making meetings more efficient!

  • Compatible with a variety of mainstream software
  • Bluetooth connection, no driver installation, no annoying wires
  • Suitable for a variety of application scenarios

【Intelligent Voice Enhancement】 The 2022 vSeeBox upgraded USB speakerphone adopt AI intelligent noise reduction algorithm to easily shield steady-state noise such as ambient noise, echoes, fans, and air conditioners, creating quiet communication environment. Filter out transient noises such as keyboard sounds, mouse sounds, moving chairs, slapping tables, door closing sounds, etc., retain clear and delicate human voices, and provide high-quality call effects for both parties.

【Efficient Conference Experience】 This Bluetooth conference speakerphone is equipped with 4 high-sensitivity MEMS microphone arrays, 360° omnidirectional pickup, easy to capture every detail. The sound in each direction does not interfere with each other and clearly conveyed to the other party. The pickup distance of this conference microphone 3-5 meters, it's ideal for personal office, remote meetings, large-scale training and other occasions.

【Wired/Wireless Bluetooth 5.1】With USB2.0 cable, This Bluetooth speakerphone both supports tablet/computer/mobile phone wired plug and play and also supports Bluetooth wireless connection to Windows, macOS and Software devices. Easy pairing, no need to install any drivers, let your desktop cleaner. It's a great solution for anyone who works remotely and is often on a network call. (Skype, online chat, video conferencing, etc.)

【Portable and Lightweight】Our USB conference microphone is made of durable and high-quality ABS material. The anti-skid pad design of the base can avoid falling/moving during use and isolate the knocking and vibration. It is small in size and light in weight, which can be easily put into a bag. Whether on business trips or mobile offices, take it with you to start high-quality remote meetings everywhere.

【One Key Touch Mute】The conference speaker and microphone features touch the panel for easier operation. Quickly mute/unmute with just one touch that avoids unexpected situations that interfere with the call. The status indicators of the USB microphone(blue: working, red: mute) to make your meetings more productive. Simultaneously multitask on a call and mute the microphone with one touch.

 Package Include:

1 x Speakerphone
1 x USB-C Cable


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